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The Spanish Center of Documentation about Disability (CEDD) wants to facilitate the access to the contents of its site to all people, regardless of having disability, age, type of access technology, etc. Therefore, this site was made in compliance with the Principles of the Accessible Design according to the Guidelines of Accessibility to the Web Content (WCAG 1.0). This site meet the priority points 1 and 2, and most of the priority 3.  Conformity with the Double-A Level, of the Accessibility to the Web Content 1.0 Guidelines from the W3C.

The sections of the documentation center, publications by RPD and newspaper library are not accessible through these guidelines because they integrated an iframe dependent of the document management system used by the Center. For this reason, the accessibility of these sections is obtained through ReadSpeaker text-to-speech conversion service.

Last updated accessibility version: July 3, 2018.